e-Amui, the concept: Solidarity, Participatory and Digital

e-Amui, the concept: Solidarity, Participatory and Digital
The concept of e-Amui is based on 3 words SOLIDARITY, PARTICIPATIVE and DIGITAL.
Solidarity, the actions and creations of e-Amui (program, festival, platform, TV channel) must all be part of a solidarity approach. Help, give access, facilitate etc….
The amui e-festival was born to respond to an emergency situation. How to deal with the crisis, the cancellation of festivals, how to offer visibility to artisans? How to enable them to sell? How to highlight the associations here in metropolitan France when the health situation prevents the maintenance of festivals, end of year galas? And the artists, singers and dancers who are deprived of audience and performances, how can we help them?
For us, there was only one answer: by uniting, by pooling our knowledge, our skills, our talents and by creating a festival, a festival together. Solidarity is therefore the very source of e-Amui.

Participatory, everyone participates in the creation of e-amui. Creations are always collective, everyone gives their time, skills and talents to create collectively.
The e-festival programs are built together
The channel's programs are built together. Internet users offer THEIR themes their subjects, their desires. People offer to write posts, artists to do fb or instagram lives, enthusiasts will share or create videos. Everyone gives and every donation is welcome.
Digital, during the containment digital was our only possibility to see and be seen. It is social networks, television, the internet, which have enabled us to keep an opening to the world. We will therefore continue to use this means, thanks to this means, our actions, our sharing have no borders. We will use all the supports, all the means, all the help that the internet, site, social networks, video platform offers us. Likewise all forms of content will be used, fb post, videos, lives, tweet, articles etc.

The e-amui is the combination of these three words.